Premium Primer

Premium Primer
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Product Description

A propenoic acid primer that penetrates the surface of the nail plate and dehydrates the nail completely preparing it for bonding and adhesion of the Premium Nails acrylic system.


Apply 1 or 2 coats before applying acrylic product. Let each coat dry to a chalky white. Apply Premium Nails acrylic on the last coat of wet primer. Do not speed the drying process with any artificial means as this will only cause surface dehydration of the primer, eliminating penetration down into the layers of the natural nail. Do not let the primer flow on to the cuticle or skin. It is an acid and its purpose is to thoroughly dehydrate the nail plate to guarantee product adhesion. If primer is spilled on skin rinse thoroughly with water. If primer is on clothing, remove clothing and rinse skin thoroughly.


It is a propenoic primer that has been formulated to work for any acrylic system to achieve maximum adhesion. It is filtered and buffered to be gentle to the natural nail insuring strong healthy nails under the acrylic system.