In 2010, saw an opportunity to create cost effective outsourcing solutions for our clients. We knew any savings should not come at the expense of quality. The result was our offshore Business Process Outsourcing office, located in the Philippines.

Initially this included data entry functions, with 15 staff servicing 1 client. Immediately, the potential and significant client benefits in offshoring in the Philippines were evident. Today Asia Inc. services more than 130 customers ranging from blue chip companies right through to government agencies. Operationally the business has evolved from performing data entry functions, to competently delivering complex services, roles and functions with specialised skill sets, including processing in foreign languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, German, Thai, French and Dutch.

With flexibility and client responsiveness at the core, has evolved its business model from Shared-Services, to become a provider of Offshore Managed Services and Offshore Staffing Solutions providing back-office services such as Finance and Accounting, complex Claims Handling, Human Resources, Graphic Design, Application Development and administrative Services to customers including NZ Post, Southern Cross Travel Insurance and Canon.

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Why Outsource in the Philippines?

believes that our Filipino employees are a major contributor to our success. We have found them to be loyal, hardworking and eager to learn. With flexible working hours or shifts to suit clients needs the Philippines is ideally set up to support your business.

Offering highly skilled talent, an excellent work ethic, the Philippines is a quality yet cost effective option for businesses. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country and produce over 500,000 college graduates per annum.

 Why choose ?

With more than 20 years experience in Business Process Outsourcing and six years offshore outsourcing experience, we can help you reduce your risk, improve your capital, and provide you with a scalable and reliable Managed Services Solution.

This is a seamless and cost effective way of expanding and achieving an efficient business operation. Imagine having an extension of your team without having to manage the team on a daily basis, capitalising on facilities and technologies. Leaving you to focus on your core functions and future growth.

We understand the barriers companies face when looking to hire offshore staff and have processes in place to manage the transition. Our operations span over three offices, one is located in Bonifacio Global City, one in Makati City and the other in Ortigas City. Each are in prime, central business districts and are managed by a leadership team of senior Australian and experienced local personnel.

Our staff retention rates are among the highest in the industry. This is due to the culture we’ve developed. We focus on three key factors: customer service, continuous development and employee wellness. This is critically important to successful offshoring.

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