Corporate Service Centre

’s Corporate Service Centre solutions ensure that your back office functions such as the mailroom or printroom are operating at an optimal level without compromising quality. We combine dedicated staff and specialist management to deliver these solutions as a core business function. Our solution ensures that service delivery is always protected while optimising your process is guaranteed. We bring a core focus to questions such as;

What is the most efficient way to receipt and deliver corporate mail?
Who ensures that the appropriate courier service is booked and each parcel is delivered?
What process controls are  implemented to ensure the printroom fulfils work order?

’s Corporate Service Centre experience began in 1994 with the launch of our initial outsourced mailroom. Today we have over 120 client based Corporate Service Centres which continue to grow. Each Corporate Service Centre brings together our best in class people, processes and technology that empower our stakeholders to oversee effective service delivery.

The Corporate Service Centre should be viewed as a critical support function in delivering the internal logistics framework of a company. Our ‘control tower’ approach enables us to engage our stakeholders ensuring visibility at all times. This approach has assisted in delivering specialised solutions for Activity Based Workplaces (ABW). Our ABW solutions deliver an efficient, centralised approach for the dynamic work environment of today.

At we pride ourselves on our capability to empower our clients through the sharing of performance management information outlining daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance. In bringing this management focus to a client’s non-core service area is able to bring best practice outcomes to your Corporate Service Centre.

At we believe every customer should demand a five star service from their outsourced partners. Our growth is based on our commitment to deliver innovative and efficient solutions that continuously evolve to suit our client’s environment. This dynamic capability is derived from our process design, our solutions are both flexible and scalable.

can offer a number of Corporate Service Centre products including;