Pumice Bar Size are Available: Ultimate 2 in 1 - Coarse - Fine - Mini Coarse

Mr: Pumice Bar Coarse 400 #648200
Mr: Pumice Bar Coarse 400 #648200
Item# mr-pumice-bar-coarse-648200
$1.79, 12/$13.98
PURPLE PUMI BAR™Extra Coarse Option: 

Product Description

Mr. Pumice™ Products are:

The Best Quality Pedicure Products Available!

Tri-Lingual Packaging

Anti-bacterial Solution Safe

Individually Wrapped

Colorful & Point of Sale Ready Washable and Reusable

Coarse and/or Extra Coarse

Skin Care: Use Wet or Dry for Beautiful, Healthy and Smooth Feet, Hands, Elbows and Knees!

Use around toes and soles of feet to remove calluses.

In powder form, mix with body gel soap, and use as a complete body scrub to remove dead skin.

Household Uses:

Mr. Pumice™ in powder form will absorb oil, tar, residues...Just sprinke over the affected area, and leave until it soaks up all the residue, then sweep off.

Excellent for removal of unwanted stains and build-ups from tile grouting, etc