Our Initiatives

Committed to our People and Planet

At we believe that investing in the development, health and wellbeing of our employees, improving our environmental impacts, and being a socially responsible business is key to having a high performing culture that delivers consistently excellent service.

Engaging our employees through internal brands of ‘ONE Team’ and ‘ONE Planet’ helps us connect our geographically dispersed workforce and their day to day with our People and Planet focuses.

Our areas of focus include:


is committed to driving environmental responsibility and improvement and will continue to be resource sensitive throughout our value chain, partnering with our employees and clients to improve our impacts.


  • Are a Sustainability Advantage Gold Partner with Office of Environment and Heritage NSW Government.
  • We are certified to ISO14001 in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Are a Rainforest Rescue supporter, having planted over 4000 trees.
  • We sponsor trees for the reforestation of Motutapu Island (off shore Island in Auckland harbour) for each New Zealand employee’s 1st year work anniversary.


support the disadvantaged in our local communities so they might secure their economic futures and in so doing raise the social conscience of our employees.


  • Support the Kanlungan Orphanage in Manila.
  • Won Mission Australia Employer of the Year in 2013.


 is dedicated to acting responsibly in our relations with our customers, communities, suppliers and employees. We support and protect our employees by protecting human rights, upholding and improving labour standards and not participating in bribery or corrupt behaviour; always seeking to reduce our environmental impacts.


  • Hold certification for ISO9001 Quality Management systems.
  • Won the North Eastern Sydney regional award for Excellence Business Ethics in the NSW Business Chamber’s Awards 2014.


are committed to fostering a fun, positive organisational culture, where we celebrate our successes; provide a safe and healthy workplace for our workers, contractors and customers alike and will continue to grow and develop our people in line with the strategic direction of the organisation.


  • Won the North Eastern Sydney regional award for Employer of Choice in the NSW Business Chamber’s Awards 2014.
  • Are committed to training and developing our employees, with a focus on Leadership development and pathways.
  • Encourage work/life balance through offering study and birthday leave, employee assistance program and access to corporate discounts.
  • Have achieved a consistently high employee engagement rating of 70%+ in last 5 years.

Supporting development in Manila

One of our key Community programs is the group wide Kanlungan sa ER-Ma Ministry logosupport for the Kanlungan sa ER-Ma Ministry, Inc Orphanage in Manila, who are a non-government child-caring agency located in Malate, the former “red light district” of Manila Philippines. It is a refuge for children who have been exploited, neglected, abused and abandoned, as well as the victims of child trafficking.

Support for the Kanlungan Orphanage is especially powerful for us due to our Asia division in Manila, which touch all areas of our business in Australia and New Zealand: support for the Kanlungan orphanage is a cause that connects us all.

Kanlungan also holds similar values to , strives to be as self sufficient as it can be and offers the children the means to develop their talent and potential, speaking to our dedication to learning and development.

In the last two years we have sponsored 25 children, donated approximately $10,000 for projects such as facility upgrades, providing learning tools and software. The Manila team hosted Christmas for the children in 2014, and regularly volunteer at the orphanages. We have also recently provided employment for two of their graduates who work in our Transaction Services team.

Environmental benefits of our solutions

Through third party life cycle assessments, ’s digital solutions have been proven to be more environmentally friendly than traditional processes. Moving to paperless solutions not only improves productivity and processing time, but also reduces the environmental burden for your company.

In 2014 ’s paperless solutions for accounts payable and digit mail have saved an estimated 862 tC02e from our clients footprint and 1138 tc02e overall environmental savings. The same as taking 206 cars off the road.